The Lab in Pictures

Lab 06

 The Thoracic Oncology Lab and collaborators in August, 2006.  Clockwise from top left:  Junichi Okamoto, Adam Beltran, Eric Lin, Biao He, Darya Soto, Tony Karnezis, Liang You, Genevieve Clement, Yihui Shi, Roshni Ray, David Jablons, Zhidong Xu, Jae Kim.

Yihuis farewell

 Farewell party for postdoc Yihui Shi in 2007.  Zhidong Xu, Roshni Ray, Jae Kim, Ivi Carmen, Yihui Shi, Dawn Bravo, Genevieve Clement, Kris Kuchenbecker, Junichi Okamoto, Adam Beltran.

Lab retreat 08

 Thoracic Oncology Laboratory Retreat in 2008.  Zhao Chen, Zhidong Xu, Tomomi Hirata, Biao He, Shelley Zhang, Johannes Kratz, David Jablons, Roshni Ray, Dawn Bravo, Adam Beltran, Eric Hung, Liang You.

 Tomomis farewell 10

Farewell lunch for visiting scientist Tomomi Hirata in Spring of 2010.  Il-Jin Kim, Roshni Ray, Tomomi Hirata, Adam Beltran, Johannes Kratz, Patrick Pham, Hanh Do.

Tongs farewell 10

Farewell lunch for visiting scientist Tong Li.  Qing Wei, Natalie Lui, Adam Beltran, Helen Choi, Hanh Do, David Jablons, Tong Li, Zhidong Xu, Hui Li.